How To Get A Curly Short Haircut With Different Models


Curly short haircut isn’t possible? With short hair you cannot do much? Are you serious when you say that! Even with short hairstyles curls and waves are feasible. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Form A Curly Short Haircut With The Straightener

Curly short haircut is the classic in itself, but still not a bad solution – quite the contrary. You decide for yourself how many curls you want. Whereas in the past a straightener only consisted of a heating rod and a clamp to hold the hair, today there are innumerable, different models.

Curly Short Hair Models

Curly short hair method 1: If you already have a hair straightener at home, why not try this method to get curls into your short hair? Since short hair cannot be laid from one side of the head to the other, you should first stave off individual parts of the hair. Then you take the first strand and pin it in the straightener and pull off – done! Repeat this step until all hair is curled. In which direction you turn your hair is up to you.

Curly short haircut method 2: If your hair is damaged, or just need a break from hair straighteners, we suggest you this variant, with which you magic a wild style from your short hair. You need nothing more than a few papilots. How many exactly depends on the thickness of your hair and how many curls you want. Unlike the first method, you have to wash your hair or at least wet it. Then you comb them through as usual and divide again best from single strands. Now take the first strand and wrap it around a papilotte. This seems a bit tricky at the beginning, especially if the hair is very short, but with time you will have the hang of it.

Blonde Curly Short Haircut

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