Favorite Bob Haircut Styles For An Elegant Look


Bob haircut is a true classic in the hairdressing world for women, who never go out of fashion. It is still very changeable in his various bob variations.

Mid-Length Bob Haircut

Bob haircut suits most women with a medium-length, also known as a long bob. The hair is cut to about shoulder length. This bob version is very easy to care for and still offers enough styling options. The medium-length bob is available in different variants: with steps, straight or with pony.

Fringed Bob Haircut

Bob haircut with fringe is a close version of the long Bob. The fringed Bob is above all something for women who like it more playful and like to style their hair. Due to the stepped cut the fringed bob falls very loose and can also be styled with a few simple steps.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Bob haircut comes with the asymmetrical cuts this summer. The hair at the back of the head is shorter than the front. The modern asymmetrical bob is cut to length for an elegant look. If you do not like this strict look, you can cut your hair in the classic way.

Chin-Lenght Bob Haircut

Bob haircut gets a bit shorter if you let it cut to chin length. This looks more cheeky and playful. The chin-length bob looks best with a straight cut without steps. So you get a classic and elegant look.

Bob Haircut With A Pony

Bob haircut and pony is a modification of the classic style, with the addition of a straight bangs cut. The other bob variants can also be wonderfully worn with a straight or pony shape. Our favorite: the Shaggy Bob with pony!

Blonde Highlighted Bob Haircut

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