Curly Short Hair With Red Shades This Summer


Curly short hair is a dream in red color shades. The beautiful red tone receives liveliness and luminosity through the additional highlights. For this kind of hairstyles, the hair must be at least waist-long, since the bounce of the curls the total length is shortened by about 20 centimeters. After shampooing, use a spray into towel-dried hair and blow-dry it upside down.

Smooth Curly Short Hair With Red Color

Curly short hair -This hairstyle lives on the contrast, smooth in the forehead and upper head area and curled at the back of the head. After shampooing, sprinkle a dab styling mousse for colored hair and twist the strands on the back of the head on medium-sized winder. Turn one row in, the next out. In the front area, blow dry the hair on a medium round brush and then distribute a smoothing cream. Adjust the curls and fix with a spray.

Red Raised Curly Short Hair

Curly short hair with a perfect hairstyle for the summer months. After shampooing, apply a volume foam and blow dry. Take the hair together at the back of the head and fix it with a gentle hair tie. Then twirl individual strands and pin. A shine spray completes the look.

Brown-Red Bob Curly Short Hair

Curly short hair like this one is a hairstyle that is especially suitable for fine hair. From the top of the head evenly dull cut, the pony is airy and fringed. The blond highlights set living highlights in the brown-red color. If you have naturally wavy hair, then a straightener provides that look. An anti-frizz spray protects against the dreaded scourge.

Red Curly Short Hair

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