30+ Modern Pixie Haircuts For 2020



Pixie hairstyle is the name given to short cut hair styles. In recent years, pixie hairstyles have become fashionable, especially with Hollywood celebrities getting their hair cut short. This hair style that offers freedom to women is one of the best examples of a dominant and free woman image. Short hair, which is defined as men’s hairstyle, is the preferred hair style of every woman who wants to be alternative and different in recent years.

Pixie hair style, which is the product of a period in which women come to the forefront in business life and the equality of women and men is emphasized all over the world, gives signals that it has entered a new era in the way women look at life and perceive life.

Pixie Hairstyles of 2020

Pixie hairstyles can be suitable for every woman in general terms, and hair is considered to be difficult to prefer when considering the separate air into the group of women. If you have a long face, pixie hair is not for you. In particular, a measuring unit has been developed for this purpose. You can do this with a pencil and a ruler to put under your chin. The distance from your ear to the pen is longer than 5.715 cm short hair is definitely not for you.

Of course, every woman will know what suits her better. However, when you have a pixie hair, it is useful to listen to what the experts say if you do not want to live a life condemned to hairpiece until your hair grows. In addition, those who have bulk face should not prefer this hair. Because short hair will form an amorphous proportion on a collective face. If you are tall, it is appropriate for you not to choose pixie hair again. Pixie hair styles show longer lengths, so you don’t have to end up with unwanted results. So pixie hair, short stature, weak and suitable for those who have a short jaw structure.

Famous People and Pixie Hairstyle

Especially Hollywood celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Audrey Tautou, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence when you see how well you look at the pixie hair, even if you care for your own body proportions hair will always show you more beautiful. You can try pixie hair if you say it’s okay for me to wear a hairpiece. Even if there is a risk that it suits you, pixie hair is always at the forefront of its use and comfort.

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