30+ Feminine Pixie Hairstyles


Feminine pixie hairstyles are a little bit different than casual pixie hairstyles. It is not just pixie hairstyle itself but also your whole style. Most people sees pixie hairstyle as a haircut for man. But in this age almost everything is uni-sex. Even hairstyles. But there is still a minority of people sees pixie as a man’s hairstyle. If you want a pixie hairstyle but also you want to stay avoid from people like that, you can make a feminine pixie hairstyle easily.

How To Make a Feminine Pixie Hairstyle

Making a feminine pixie hairstyle is easy. But there is too many pixie haircuts. First of all you need to choose a pixie hairstyle for yourself. But be careful while you are choosing a pixie hairstyle. Your pixie choose must fit with your face type. Otherwise results can be terrific. After choosing your haircut. You need to have a professional hairdressers help. Feminine pixie hairstyle has a huge difference than others. Your hairs on top of your head must be longer than casual pixies. Like 15 to 35 centimeters song. Also making highlights will make the style more feminine. After that you can use hair clips. Stay avoid from making buns! Making a bun on long pixie hairstyle is a man’s hairstyle called “man bun”.

How To Take Care For Pixie Hairstyle

Taking care of pixie hairstyles easier than most of the hairstyles. Due to its length it is easy to wash and dry. But before that you need to get right caring products for your hairs. If your hairs are dyed. You will need a shampoo and caring cream for colorful hairs… As first wash your hair and use our caring cream. After washing your hairs. Use a shaping oil or cream while your hairs are still wet. Then start drying your hairs with hair dryer on low temperature. After drying your hair. You can use hair straightener, waxes and hair sprays to style your hair. So without any further ado. Here is 30+ feminine pixie hairstyles!

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