30+ Best Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas



Shoulder length haircuts are a huge trend from previous season. Shoulder length haircuts also known as “Lob” or “Long Bob” are still in trend in pre-winter season. So we got a shoulder length haircut, but how do we make it a shape? How do we style it? Many people thinks when you have a shoulder length haircut, there is not so many option in styling. But that is no right. There are too many models that you can try for almost every day of a month. So in this post we will share with you best shoulder length haircut ideas.

Natural Waves Hairstyle

Natural waves are one of the best shoulder length haircut ideas. Because of it’s outstanding natural look you will take lots of attention. And many of your friends will ask you for hairstyling tips. So to do natural waves, grab you hair curling stick. If you have a curling stick with negative ion technology, that will be a plus. Start making waves all over your hair. Then apply hair polishing cream to your hair.

Messy Curls Hairstyle

Messy curls are favorite of my sister’s. It has its own unique outlook to express your soul. To do this hairstyle, you need a hair curling stick. Before using the curling machine. Apply some caring cream to your hairs. Let it dry. Then start making curl with curling stick. After making curls, start make your hairs messy with your hands. Then use some hair hardener spray.

Crown Braid Hairstyle

Crown braids looks cute than any other braiding style. But before you get this hairstyle, it can look much nicer when you style your hair with a wide-tipped curling iron. Afterwards, you separate your hair from the side and start braiding from the front side of the part you have separated. When your hairs somewhere in ear line, stabilise them with metal buckles and you’re ready!

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