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Colorful hairstyles up in trend again. And in this post I will share my experience and knowledge about ” how to dye your hairs” and “how to care care of your colorful hair”. The dyes we use to change the color of our hair become a disaster for our hair, especially when combined with oxidants. Aside from breakage, fraying and rupture of the hair, it can also cause very serious allergic conditions on the scalp.

It is true that natural dyes cause less allergies compared to dyes used with oxidants, but the quality of these dyes and their residence time are very low. However, many of the allergy cases caused by hair dye are actually related to the substances contained in the dyes. Therefore, what I strongly recommend to those who will dye at home will be to try dyeing in a small area before dyeing all the hair and dye all your hair according to the result. Professional hairdressers who already know the job behave in a similar way.

Things to Know About Colorful Hair Care

Usually the color of the hair is lightened before dyeing the hair. As is known, this process is a process that wears out the hair. Therefore, a number of restorative procedures should be applied to the damaged hair and some issues should be paid attention. The first thing you need to do is to choose a shampoo that is suitable for this because you have dyed hair. Using not only shampoo, but also restorative masks and serums will be beneficial for both the appearance and health of your hair.

In addition to repairing and maintaining the hair, you should also make efforts to ensure that the dye in your hair stays longer. Hair dye does not flow quickly means that your hair is re-dyed after as long as possible. This is directly related to the health of the hair. Immediately dyed hair is worn out more quickly. Bride, what should be done to prevent hair flow quickly, let’s look at these.

What To Pay Attention To Dyeing Hairs

Hair coloring is quite common. We have become a vital necessity for some kind of hair dyes for women. Nowadays, women want to see a change in themselves when they look in the mirror with the effect of advertisements and they either take a breath at the hairdresser or paint themselves at home by buying hair dye from cosmetics. Already in some depressed periods, the first thing women do is remember to cut or dye their hair.

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