28+ New Trend Pixie Hairstyles



Pixie hairstyles have been in our lives since the early 70s. This hairstyle, which was very fashionable at the time, started to lose its popularity in the early 2000s. This hair style, which was forgotten after a period of 30 years, started to appear on the streets again after 2015. The reason for this is that pixie hairstyle reflects the posture of our age due to its futuristic appearance. There is a prejudice that people who use the Pixie hair style are rebellious and asocial. This is because the hair style is quite unusual. However, according to a hairstyle, judging a person’s personality is certainly not the right thing.

Pixie hairstyle was among the most trendy hair styles of 2019. Our predictions are that pixie hairstyle will be one of the most popular models in 2020. Pixie hairstyle is a constantly evolving and changing model. It is a hair style that differentiates day by day with the help of accessories and because of its cutting shapes and gains a brand new look.

Braided Pixie Hairstyle

Braided pixie hairstyle is a highly likely model to be the new trend pixie hairstyle of 2020. If we briefly explain the model; Imagine that the sides and back of your hair are short. If we imagine that the top part of the hair is african braid or dreadlock, the image we will have in mind is exactly the braided pixie hairstyle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle is a model with many advantages. One of the biggest advantage of the short hairstyle in the summer, sweating in the bottom of the hair is not experienced. It is a very easy model to wash, maintain and shape. However, as with any hairstyle, the pixie hairstyle has some drawbacks. The most important of these; Since the hair is short, you may feel cold in your head during the winter months. Therefore, you will have to use berets and similar textiles and you cannot shape your pixie hairstyle. In addition, short hair, depending on the type of hair in the winter months depending on the cold frost-like situations can be seen in small diameter.

Apart from all these, pixie hairstyle is a very easy to use model but it is a hairstyle that makes the person look young by many people and leaves the impression that the person has a fun personality. In this post we will share with you the new trendy pixie hairstyles.

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