24+ Short Hairstyles for New Year



Pixie hairstyles, which are fashioned in different ways in every period, are among the short hairstyles preferred by the most famous ladies. Pixie hairstyles are used by women in almost every season. If you want to switch to a different style that looks more modern and stylish in 2018, your options should include Pixie hairstyle. Even though the short hairstyle is not popular among women, the Pixie hairstyle will make you look quite feminine and sexy. We strongly recommend the Pixie hairstyle, especially for thin, lifeless and thin women. Because with Pixie haircut, your lifeless and weak hair will get more shape while it will have a more voluminous appearance. The fashionable feminine pixie haircut style, which is always fashionable, may require some courage, but we can recommend it for those who think about making a sudden change in their hair in the summer.

About Pixie Hair Style

Pixie hairstyles. In my opinion, this is the best combo. The fairy cut consists of layers of pointed short hair that look like magic when decorated with explosions. The best thing about that look? No worries about Rapunzel, no entangled scams every few hours, and no showers for hours just to wash your hair! On the other hand, the explosion helps cover a large forehead, regulate facial features, and looks just incredible. This hairstyle is God’s gift to women.

Pixie Cut Suggestions for Face Shape

Oval Faces is the most ideal face shape for pixie cutting. This type of haircut emphasizes your face shape and leaving the hill dense and bulky creates an effect that extends your height. Having a wide forehead is a high advantage for pixie cutting. Pixie makes your eyes and cheekbones more prominent and makes your cheekbones and eyes look more beautiful. You may want to keep the hair under the chin to give a long look to the rounded faces and to thin it slightly. When using short pixie haircuts square faces, light layers will better fit that face. The scattered floors scanned up, it looks really gorgeous with the face.

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