20+ Wedding Guest Hairstyles



Wedding guest hairstyle are something every woman looking for. Because it is so important to do not take more attention with your hairstyle more than the bride. Wedding guest hairstyles are majectic but also simplistic. But the huge difference between a bridal hairstyle and a guest hairstyle is accessories. A guest must have no accessories in her hairstyle. To having a wedding guest hairstyle you can follow some simple steps as instead dyeing your hair, you can get highlights. Making a simple pony tail or a curly updo will be good. Also you can use a little bit tinsels to have more fancy hairstyle. But stay away from hairstyle accessories such as pearls and flowers. Because others guests may confuse you with the actual bride and in this scenario, this will ruin bride’s special day.

How To Make a Wedding Guest Hairstyle

Making a wedding guest hairstyle is quite simple comparing to actual bridal hairstyle. You can make it in your house or you can go to a hairdresser. But before all of these, you need to choose a hairstyle. I recommend you to get a curly updo or wavy highlighted braids. Also the right clothing decision will make everything even better. If you are going to make your hairstyle at your home, you need to wash your hairs before the session. After that grap your hair curling stick and start making cury and waves. After that put them all together and make a bun with a elastic hair bundle. After that apply hair hardener spray to your hair to keep it still in all night. And for the last add a little bit tinsels to your hair.

How To Take Care Your Hairs After Wedding

Making a wedding guest hairstyle will harm your hairs more than you can image. Because usage of hair curling stick and hardener sprays hard your hairs structure. Because curling sticks are working on high temerature and hardening sprays contains flammable and corrosive chemicals such as buthane. To recover your hairs after the event. Wash your hairs with a shampoo that has keratin. And also apply hair caring creams with keratin after washing your hairs.

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